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The services offered by Hilldale Retreat are designed to mesmerize the customers. The in-house restaurant offers an outstanding Srilankan dining experience while delighting in the magnificent hillside views. We take you on an intimate culinary excursion at Hilldale Retreat. Guests can unwind by our outdoor infinity pool, a Game Room with a Pool Table, and a Foosball Table, these are spaces that take you closer to nature with a fantastic view of the mountains, and also you can plan your day to make the most of their stay. It's all about the hotel customer experience at the end of the day, and amenities go a long way toward making a guest's stay more enjoyable. Take advantage of our special amenities and create an everlasting memory for you and your loved ones. Make a reservation with us.


Restaurant with Sri Lankan & International Cuisine

Restaurant with Sri Lankan & International Cuisine:- A destination's saleability is determined not just by its geography, architecture, or the fun-filled activities it provides, but also by the cuisine it serves to its visitors. Sri Lanka is one such all-encompassing tourist destination, with both fascinating sights and delectable foods. The Hilldale Retreat has one of Sri Lanka's greatest restaurants, which will fascinate you not only with its magnificent setting and elegant dining to satisfy every appetite

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